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" Unreal Estate " by Tim Doyle

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I’ve grown to fear sleep. Sleep brings dreams. Dreams are all nightmares. There is no rest in sleep. There is no escape. But eventually I sleep. And they cone. Marching, relentlessly, the armies of my subconscious. They attack and rape and pillage and destroy my sanity’s attempt to reset my unsettled nerves. Yet when morning comes, I don’t want to wake up because I hope and pray to get some rest, some brief respite from reality.
I’ve grown to fear the waking world…

"If you’re ever in Cody, Wyoming, just ask for Wild Bob."


Update #5: Two weeks to go: Artist updates, Drink and Eat and Draw, and More!

Hello again!  Welcome to January… TWO WEEKS to Wilkes Mini Con.  So let’s make with the updates…

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dingonerd: Charity Book Shed! 

Obligatory Doctor Who post for the day, Can we please have Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred) play Santa Claus (Father Christmas) in SOMETHING this year?

Obligatory Doctor Who post for the day, Can we please have Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred) play Santa Claus (Father Christmas) in SOMETHING this year?

Update #4: Chopsticks

Update #4

Wow what an update. I mean, really, in the history of updates to this web page this is a…

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The Wilkes Mini Con Weekly Update #3

Hello again Internetville! This is The Wilkes Mini Con Weekly Update with Denis Lachapelle and…

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Today I got banned for 12 hours from Facebook. It’s not the end of the world (I think it helped my productivity) but I figured it would be worth discussing because of the context of the ban. So here goes.

Last June I made this comic:


Definitely not the most shocking thing we’ve done at…

I didn’t care for this comic. Nope. Not my taste. I found it deliberately bating towards a demographic that would find it insulting. BUT, it really was less offensive than a lot of the other things I see on Facebook and in general on the internet. If anything, maybe it should provoke thought and discussion about religion, about tolerance, about censorship, and about exercise. A 12 hour ban is nothing compared to a fatwa (think Mohammed with a bomb in his turban) but let’s stop the PC police now before they start. Stop it now before you have to put up a picture of a Panda on your profile for 3 days. (giraffe anyone).

Here enjoy these:…/3/3b/Rabcross.jpg

I am a glutton for punishment. :)

Since I can’t get to enough Comc Cons… I’ll hold my own!

No BS.

The local library gave me a thumbs up.  We selected a date.  Facebook site is up.  Now I’m busy with all of the behind the scenes work.  No logo yet, but that’s the least of my worries.

In the smallest of moments
Mountains of time can crumble
The Furies gather to watch the futures end for glorious young innocents.

I have seen Icarus, with crumpled wings of wax and feather. He flew high enough to touch the face of Helios. And we all flew with him. This Icarus, generous and kind, rich in faith and love for his common man, is flying even higher but now he flies alone.

I have seen Sisyphus, merely a child himself. Given a task so great as to cause hundreds to weap. He not only must move the boulder up the mountain, but he must move the mountain itself. Cerberus himself snaps at the child’s heels. Sisyphus, sweet child, the Fates have not cut your threads yet. You will open your eyes soon and look upon the face of Helios.

Me? I wallow in a puddle of filth and mud. I am surrounded by walls of my own design, convinced that the foul refuse of earth must be contained within this pit. And it is in this pit I belong as I am no better than the waste I hide in.  But I dishonor Icarus and Sisyphus. These poor sweet souls deserve more respect than my own self-imposed retreat and exile in my pit of dispair.

For Icarus. For Sisyphus. For my muses. For my angels. For my family. For me. MY LIFE has to be worth something. It is up to ME to define that, not someone else.

You have taught me that.